Reliable Advice For Landlords

The Jon R. Parsons Law Firm works with commercial and residential landlords throughout California to ensure their real estate ventures and relationships are successful.

Attorney Jon R. Parsons provides advice concerning:

  • Issues arising from residential and commercial property transactions and related fixtures
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Tenant-in-common agreements, landlord-tenant relationships and other arrangements
  • Home improvement contracts and home repairs problems
  • Avoidance and removal of liens on a property
  • Questions about easements and property line disputes

He also offers confidential advice to real estate agents and brokers regarding their property concerns.

Trusted Legal Advice Based In Decades Of Success

Attorney Parsons has provided real estate services in Palo Alto for over 30 years. His business law practice lends itself to his knowledge of real estate law, providing insight into sound contract drafting and successful operations for landlords leasing properties.

Anyone invested in real estate should seek legal guidance regarding transactions and matters such as liens or easements. Attorney Parsons is a prestigious real estate lawyer experienced in both providing counsel and litigating disputes. He will firmly protect your interests through informed decision-making and utilization of successful legal methods.

Speak With A Notable Real Estate Lawyer

Jon R. Parsons Law Firm offers personalized services and a close client-attorney relationship. To schedule a consultation with attorney Parsons, please call the firm at 650-321-8579 or fill out our online contact form.