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Every business faces strict regulations that can severely damage the company if they are not followed. However, bars and restaurants have a unique set of regulations that you need to thoroughly understand if you own one.

The Jon R. Parsons Law Firm has been serving bars and restaurants in the Palo Alto area for more than four decades, as well as advising businesses internationally in China and Taiwan. Attorney Jon Parsons has the skill and experience you can trust when your bar or restaurant faces a legal issue.

Government Regulations To Follow

In California, bars and restaurants cannot sell alcohol to anybody who is noticeably intoxicated. While most businesses are closed during nighttime hours, you should also be aware that you cannot sell alcohol between 2 and 6 a.m.

To sell alcohol at all, you will need a permit. As there are many types of permits, we can help you understand which one you will need and walk you through the process of obtaining it.

Restaurants and bars in California are legally required to pay tipped employees at least minimum wage.

Your Defenders Against Liabilities

Our goal is to protect your business in advance against any liability, but if a legal issue does arise, we will firmly defend you. We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of business law, from government regulations to intellectual property disputes to litigation against lawsuits.

Our clients have put their trust in us time and time again as a knowledgeable source for their business concerns.

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