Protecting You From Issues With Rental Property

Owning rental property can be a rewarding business decision, but it also opens you up to liabilities if you do not have a wise adviser guiding you.

The team at Jon R. Parsons Law Firm has decades of experience working with landlords. We know California’s laws surrounding property requirements and how to defend against potential legal issues.

How We Help Landlords

We work with landlords on a variety of legal matters, including:

Providing comprehensive service is important to us because we know the value of having a go-to lawyer for any needs that arise.

Government Regulations For Rental Properties

A major liability risk for landlords is the presence of unsafe conditions on their premises. You are required to make repairs to anything that could pose a threat to tenants, as well as place clear warnings of hazards when making repairs, if applicable.

Leases must be in writing, and they must disclose every aspect of the legal agreement between you and the tenant. For example, your lease must include the rental amount and payment deadline before you could take action for unpaid rent. You must also disclose rules regarding the property such as whether pets are allowed.

California has processes you must follow if you want to evict a tenant so you will want legal guidance through these situations to ensure that you are not breaking regulations.

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