Protect Your Business By Protecting Intellectual Property

Throughout your company’s lifespan and at the time of creating your business, you will have intellectual property to protect. Trademarks and copyrights can protect your public image and the unique aspects of your operations.

The Jon R. Parsons Law Firm has over four decades of experience working with business owners throughout the Bay Area, as well as internationally in China and Taiwan. We are prepared to secure the trademarks and copyrights you need.

Trademarks and copyrights are separate protections, though many businesses use both:


Trademarks are legal protection for any words and symbols associated with a business. This could include your business name, logo and slogan.

You would not want another company to use your logo, as an example of a trademark’s importance, as this would cause confusion among potential customers and take away from your image.

By securing a trademark, you can file a lawsuit against companies that try to infringe upon your protected property.


Copyrights protect artistic and literary works, and in the context of other types of businesses, this could include ads, software, written recipes and even a building’s architecture.

Like trademarks, copyrights protect aspects of your business that make it recognizable and unique. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, it would hurt your business if another restaurant used your exact recipes and customers could get the same experience elsewhere.

Artistic works have an automatic copyright when created, but you need to register the copyright to be able to file a lawsuit for infringement.

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