Advising Spiritual Organizations Around the World

We have had the privilege of advising many organizations, churches and spiritual leaders, and their related entities, engaged in religious or spiritually-influenced activities concerning a variety of business and organizational matters.

The Jon R. Parsons Law Firm has advised on the following areas:

  • Advice and assistance concerning legal entities and organizational forms appropriate for the client’s particular situation
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements and other legal documents that reflect the parties’ goals and spirit
  • Advice concerning business operations and “UBIT” tax issues
  • Advice and assistance to organizations, clergy and individuals concerning pastoral misconduct and employment decisions
  • Representation in the filing, and litigation when necessary, of trademarks and copyrights arising in religious and spiritual contexts
  • Defense of legal claims brought by members, followers, donors and other organizations, as well as representation with respect to governmental actions
  • Advice and representation concerning claims to church property
  • Advice and representation responding to defamation, slander, libel and similar claims in a religious or spiritual context
  • Advice and representation concerning private and public discrimination based on religion in employment, housing, public services and zoning
  • Advice and assistance in anticipating and avoiding litigation
  • Development of policies and procedures to comply with legal requirements, court orders or other developments
  • Internal investigations and advice on public statements

Attorney Jon R. Parsons‘ familiarity with different religious traditions and the variety of religious expression permits him to appreciate each client’s unique situation, set that situation in an appropriate context and advocate for the client both in and out of the courtroom.

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